We don’t need to spend money on more ways to kill others

I urge you all to send a note to your senator to vote no on the National Defense Authorization Action for Fiscal Year 2023. As Martin Luther King reminds us that, “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world: my own government, I can not be silent.” We need to spend more money on life giving areas of the budget for housing, food, clean water, education, and health for our own country and countries around the world. So cut and paste this message below or write your own today:

I urge you to vote NO on the NDAA bill that has been passed by the House. With a $857 billion dollar budget ($2596 per citizen), the United States outspends the next 10 countries combined and is threatening to other countries. We need to convince countries to do what is right based on the merits and not on our own self interest or on the self interest of the government officials of other countries.

Seeing our budget and not wanting to be intimidated by the US military power, other countries will increase their military budgets which will inch us always closer to military solutions to problems instead of solutions to problems based on what is right for all.

With the money we save, we:

  1. could spend to provide security, feed, and provide clean water for those who don’t have it,
  2. would solve problems of immigration for us and provide a much higher quality of life for others around the world,
  3. should also do it because we are bleeding Americans with high taxes for weapons that are not improving the quality of life for Americans,
  4. would generate so much goodwill in the world from people, that no one would want to attack our country or create instability abroad.

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