We Won’t Accept Salary Below the Cost of Living

I just saw the December 8 CFA Bargaining News containing the CFA proposal for:

  1. COVID Service Increase for 2020-2021 (Whatever that is.)
  2. 4% for 2021-2022 (Good)
  3. 4% for 2022-2023 depending on an increase in CSU funds (CSU always does this and we never get the increase.)
  4. 2.65% each of those years for 3 years for people who qualify (Good for some people who will get this.)

The previous California Faculty Association proposal was 4% for each of 3 years 2020 to 2023 and 2.65% for some who experience salary compression etc. So they the bargaining team has reduced the faculty position by probably 7%.

In the last 20 years, our cost of living increases (37%) do not equal to the cost of living increases as measured by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (54% cost of living increases in 20 years).  
California is expensive and our cost of living is 40% higher than other places.  Police and fire fighters have received higher wages than the national average to compensate for higher California costs.  
The CSU have made these promises in the past opening negotiations if they get an increase in state funding.  In my experience, they never deliver.  Never.  Total smoke and mirrors show.  We fell for those promises before….not any more.  
The CSU execs got 30%, UC lecturers got 30%, and the state budget went up 22% ($67 billion dollars).  Four percent increase only costs $90 million.  The state can afford it.  
To see where I get these figures, go to my November post at: http://criticalliteracies.net I encourage you to tell the bargaining group, that they must stick to the original proposals of 4% for 3 years and the 2.65% for some.  This backtracking on salary is not acceptable and we will not vote for any agreement that contains it.

COLI 2Q/21

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