Read the Dramatic Story of the Women’s Escape From Afghanistan

As you are aware, there will be challenges educating women in secondary school in many places in Afghanistan where adolescent women have to walk or travel by bus alone vulnerable to sexual taunts. Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh has recently enrolled 60 in a class for master’s courses that will help prepare Afghan women to return to set up secondary schools in places where adolescent women don’t have to walk so far to go to school. Below, read the dramatic story of the women’s escape by clicking below and then read the even more exciting event in the blog post below that by clicking on September (on the right). This university is founded just recently by Kamal Ahmad and his coordinator Kali Guise. My cousin, Tim DeVoogd (Neurobiology at Cornell), is on the board. I am scheduled to start an online class September 9 in literacy instruction. Other professors from Wisconsin-Madison, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard are volunteering a course also.

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